How To Plot On A Nautical Chart

Wednesday, 27th of July 2016

Despite the ever advancement in digital technology, traditional paper charts and celestial navigation are still being leaned towards as a fail safe option that you can always rely on if the other option fails. GPS tracking systems are fantastic, they make

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5 Tips For A Summer Sailing Holiday Abroad

Tuesday, 21st of June 2016

So you've taken the plunge and booked a summer sailing holiday abroad, but what next? A sailing holiday abroad is the natural progression for a seafarer wishing to spread their wings and adventure to places overseas. There's no denying that it's an incredibly

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How To Cook On A Boat: Tips & Tricks

Thursday, 24th of March 2016

Cooking out at sea is part of the adventure, it's those cramped cooking experiences and eating out on the deck with the wind in your hair that become memories which last a lifetime. Whilst cooking on-board can be tricky depending on the size of your catering

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Boat Maintenance: Things You Should Do This Winter

Wednesday, 17th of February 2016

The winter weather can take its toll on us all, and generally speaking the best place for a boat during the winter season is out of the water, ideally under cover and kept well insulated. This can be expensive as the winter months roll on, but in the long

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Sailing Events Of 2016

Friday, 22nd of January 2016

After the crazy festivities of Christmas, and the bout of Arctic weather that we're currently in the midst of, it can feel like those lighter evenings, warmer days, and calm sailing trips are a lifetime away. But as we're almost nearing the end of January,

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