5 Things To Remember When Taking The Kids Sailing

Thursday, 1st of June 2017

Getting the kids into sailing for the first time can be a really fun, confidence building activity and introducing them to the open water will not only create some great memories, but may even spark an interests in seafaring activities in the future. So whether

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Preparing Your Boat For The New Sailing Season

Friday, 10th of March 2017

It's finally March and in a few weeks Spring will finally be upon us, which is great news for those of us keen sailors, raring to get the season off to a good start as soon as possible. However, over those long, dark winter months your boat has been sitting

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Try Christmas Sailing

Monday, 12th of December 2016

With limited nautical products available on the high street, one of the best ways to treat yourself this Christmas is to go full steam ahead out on the water with some sailing! Although the colder weather might suggest otherwise, practising some Christmas

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How To Enjoy Winter Sailing

Friday, 28th of October 2016

With the winter season upon us, the obvious option seems to be to keep your boat out of the water, but this means no fun for sailors until the warmer weather returns in the spring. However, this doesn’t have to be the case as you can still enjoy winter sailing

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Tips For Choosing The Best Sailing Boots

Monday, 5th of September 2016

Trying to find a comfy, sturdy and robust pair of sailing boots can be a minefield if you don't know what you're looking for. With so many different brands and types of sailing boots on the market, the first question on everyone's lips is, how do you know

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How To Choose The Right Liferaft

Monday, 15th of August 2016

It's the one thing that no sailor wants to ever think about, let alone use it. Life rafts are the last thing that some sailors look at, and when you realise you maybe should have spent more time on looking at the right liferaft for your boat, it's unfortunately

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