With limited nautical products available on the high street, one of the best ways to treat yourself this Christmas is to go full steam ahead out on the water with some sailing! Although the colder weather might suggest otherwise, practising some Christmas sailing is a great way to gain some more experience and ensures you are ready for any challenge. Here at Mylor Chandlery, we have a selection of marine gifts to prepare any seafarer for the winter season so there is no reason why you can’t enjoy some successful off-season trips this festive period.

1. It’s Great To Try Something New
Although the festive season may not seem the obvious time of year for some sailing, it’s always a good idea to set yourself a challenge whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sailor. Restarting a hobby or learning a new skill are just some of the things that you may discover if you give Christmas sailing a go.

2. It’s Healthy For You
As the avid seafarer will know, keeping in good physical shape offers many benefits for sailing and will help you in the other seasons. Taking some time away from gorging on festive treats means that you can enjoy a good dose of fresh air and vitamin D to build a healthier frame of mind for the new year.

3. You Can Relax & Unwind
In addition to the many physical health benefits of sailing, you will also notice a significant improvement in your mental health. A healthier mind means a healthier body so there is every reason to set sail this festive season. Sailing also offers a great way of escaping everything so you can completely unwind out at sea.

4. It’s The Perfect Time For Boat Maintenance
It is important to keep your boat in good check before the popular spring season arrives. The festive period offers the perfect time to address any repair issues and gives you an excuse to escape from the house! Your boat may need a thorough inspection from front to back and a check for any leaks or cracks which may become dangerous.

5. You Can Go Frostbiting
Frostbiting is surprisingly one of the most fun activities you can do during the winter season or festive period as it is great practice for your technique. In many locations, you can race against other opponents and it can develop your skills at the same time. What better way to get into the festive spirit than with a little healthy competition?

Whatever your plans this Christmas, make sure you schedule in some quality sailing time for all of these reasons and more. Please feel free to share your Christmas sailing experiences with us on our Facebook page, Google+ and Twitter!

Post By Nicole Sage