Getting the kids into sailing for the first time can be a really fun, confidence building activity and introducing them to the open water will not only create some great memories, but may even spark an interests in seafaring activities in the future. So whether you have your own children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces, Mylor Chandlery has put together a list of the most important things you need to remember when you taking youngster on deck for the first time this summer!



It comes as no surprise, but safety is always your number one priority on a boat, but when there are kids involved extra care needs to be taken. Your best bet is purchasing a great quality life jacket; this Gill Junior Pro Racer Buoyancy Aid is incredibly lightweight, sleekly designed and offers great support. It also includes reflective piping for maximum visibility and a side zip making it easy to put on and take off

Lay Down A Few Rules

Making sure the kids are aware of a few rules needn't take the fun out of a great sailing trip. All you need to do is make sure they keep their life jackets on at all times, not to play or mess around with any of the boat equipment above or below deck and make sure they have a lot to keep them occupied. You can bring a few pastimes along, but better still, get them involved in the sailing process, whether it's to tail a line, help you put the sail up or tie down the jib boom.

Avoid Seasickness

Children may, inevitably and unfortunately, encounter a bout of seasickness on-board - this is something that even seasoned seafarers struggle with. Mylor stocks Davis Queaz-Away Travel Sickness Wrist Bands that works by eliminating unpleasant symptoms without the need for pills and are great to stow away below deck encase anyone is struck with a bout sickness during the trip. Alternatively, ginger biscuits are another quick and easy solution for seasickness, helping to neutralise acidity and calm the stomach.




Avoiding Injury

The best way to evade accidents is to prevent against them - keep a tidy boat, look out for potential hazards and keep an eye on what the kids get up to. If they do run into a minor scrape, make sure you always have a fully stocked First Aid Kit and contact numbers just in case.


Take A Few Provisions 

While on-board it is crucial that everyone stays hydrated, particularly in the hot summer months. A great way to keep track of how much the kids are drinking is to write the children's names on individual bottles and keep a note of how regularly they are topping up with some water. The second worst enemy is hunger, so make sure you pack some simple snacks such as sandwiches, crisps and biscuits - these will definitely keep kids entertained on those more lengthy trips out of the harbour.

Post By Ed Mason