The average day of sailing can be fraught with precarious conditions caused by everything from rough seas to torrential rain and ice formation, turning your deck into a slippery safety hazard in seconds. But even when you're not hit by the worst of the weather, a simple combination of sea spray and windy conditions can also prove dangerous - unless you're wearing the right footwear.

If your current seafaring footwear consists of an old pair of trainers, then the world of performance sailing and yachting boots may seem like unchartered territory. But these boots are more than just a professional luxury, they're a practical reality, giving you comfort, grip and improved safety exactly when you need it.

At Mylor Chandlery, we supply some of the most trusted brands in sailing and yachting footwear, including Dubarry, Gill & Orca Bay, all specially chosen according to quality and function. So allow us to guide you through 5 of our best-selling on-deck boots you can't go wrong with.

Orca Bay Storm Leather Waterproof Boot

Great for on-deck and off - these super versatile, waterproof, breathable and comfortable leather boots will get loads of wear-time, while holding up well against the elements.

Gill Men's Edge Boots

Need something with a bit of slimline racing performance? These flexible and supportive ankle boots are perfect for the active sailor, thanks to their wrap-around soles with improved grip and neoprene design for warmth and comfort.

Orca Bay Solent rubber yachting boot (neoprene lined)

Re-defining the classic yachting boot - Orca Bay is a cruising sailor's favourite, featuring a warm, comfortable neoprene lining that will enhance your sailing experience with benefits including non-slip razor cut soles for grip, as well as added arch support and reinforced elements for longevity.

Gill Men's Short Cruising Boot

Made for wearing on deck while coastal or inshore sailing, these grippy and highly practical cruising boots are a wear-every-day-must-have for any avid seafarer.

Dubarry Ultima Leather Sailing Boot

Made from the unbeatable combination of Gore-tex lining and leather, these winter weather boots really can do it all. Made from soft, flexible, water-resistant leather, they not only look great but also provide shock absorption and pressure relief, thanks to the non-slip, non-marking soles.

Post By Ed Mason