When you're taking young children or even babies out sailing in the open seas for the first time, armbands and buoyancy rings alone aren't going to cut it.

Whether you're in a sailing boat or cruising along in a dinghy, passengers and crew should always be wearing a great lifejacket, no matter what the conditions. But although it's fairly commonplace to talk about lifejackets for teenagers and adults, what's available for young children, or even babies?

At Mylor Chandlery we always believe in putting safety first. So if you want to open your children's eyes to the vibrant world of sailing in the most risk-free ways possible, we're here to take you through the very best lifejackets for the younger generation.

Talamex Lifejacket 100N Baby 1

Your go-to, everyday lifejacket for babies, This incredibly affordable safety essential consists of a 100% lightweight polyester canvas with a PE-foam filling and high visibility details including light-reflective panels. It is also designed with an array of cross-straps and adjustable closures to keep your little one safe, visible and secure at all times.

Crewsaver Supersafe 150N BB (for Baby's or Large Children)

If you're venturing further offshore, this high-tech jacket will protect babies and large children with an impressive selection of advanced features. This is one of the only foam lifejackets for children in the 150N ‘Ocean’ rated category and will offer increased buoyancy compared to similar products. It also comes with reflective taping, a built-in safety harness, a whistle, seat support and so much more.

Talamex Lifejacket 100N Toddler 2

For toddlers, approximately 1 - 4 years old, the 100N from Talamax is great if your little one has outgrown the 'Baby' model for this brand. It is still equipped with all the essential features including a light and highly visible PE-foam filling, reflective panels, adjustable straps and secure closures.

Crewsaver Spiral 100N (Adults, Children and Babies Sizes)

Looking for something for everyone? The Crewsaver Spiral 100N is a mid-range priced lifejacket, available in the sizes necessary to equip passengers and crew of all ages. This all-rounder provides your baby or child with top of the range buoyancy, comfort and security while they're on the water.

Post By Ed Mason