If you're in the market for a brand new boat, one of the things you'll be keen to decide on his our how and what to name it.

From restrictions to re-naming and everything in-between, Mylor Chandlery give you our most important things to consider when picking out a new maritime moniker.

Restrictions For Naming Your Boat

Legally in the UK, there is nothing preventing you from giving your boat a name that is already used by another vessel, and it can be as many letters long as you like. However, this does bestow a lot of responsibility onto the boat owner to give a name that is both safe and appropriate for purpose.

Don't Re-name Your Boat

You'll probably be aware already, but there's a lot of superstition and ill will surrounding the re-naming of a vessel. But if you are looking to change your boat's name, many veterans of the sea will consider doing some sort of naming ritual to avoid jinxing their newly christened boat.

#1. Removing all evidence of the old name - Get rid of all reference to the previous name of the boat from both the vessel itself and any personal or pieces of equipment that has the old name written on it.

#2. Performing the ritual - This is all a bit silly, but there are many websites that seemingly take the process of 'appeasing the Gods' seriously.

#3. The Sacrifice - Throw a little rum overboard to Poseidon or Neptune - any god will do.

#4. Re-Name Your Boat Quickly - Make sure you already have a name in mind and inscribe it on the hull quickly - you can do the proper painting job later on.

Tempting Fate

Naming your boat 'Unsinkable II', 'Titanic' and similarly ill-fated names can only result in an 'I told you so' moment from everyone you know. You may think that superstition is a completely fantastical concept but don't let your hapless boat name end up defining what kind of sailor you are.

Get Creative

It's pretty basic but don't go naming your boat after one that already frequents the harbour, use your imagination and go for something original, personal and compelling.

If you need some inspiration, take a look at The Cleverest Names for Your Boat from A to Z.

The Best Names Are Short

Not only do one or two-word names look effortlessly sleek on your hull, it also makes it memorable and identifiable to boat owners and others around you, whether you need assistance or otherwise.

NSFW Names Are Out

Rude, defamatory, offensive and not-safe-for-work names are out. Although it might seem like a good idea to name your boat something seemingly funny or humourous, the joke will quickly wear off and it's an even worse idea if you have children or know someone who does.

Make It Clear

If you're in an emergency situation and need to call the Coast Guard or harbour, make sure your name is clear over VHF radio. The rule is #1. Make sure it's easy for any crew member to safe and #2. is easy for authorities to understand over the radio.

Post By Ed Mason