From night sailing and low visibility conditions to detailed maintenance and spotting hazards on the water - every sailor needs a great torch.

There are plenty of good torches out there, but getting your hands on a reliable, durable and cutting-edge illumination essential is going to be your trusty sailing sidekick for many years to come.

In this blog, Mylor Chandlery have handpicked some of our best-selling torches that are built for harsh outdoor conditions and designed with powerful, unique features to give you exactly what you're looking for... and occasionally more.

Coast G30 Torch

Change from flood to spotlight with a simple twist.

Weatherproof and almost unbreakable, this wonderfully made torch from Coast comes with a powerful 426 feet (130 metre) beam that you can change from flood to spotlight with a simple twist.

Coast HP7R 'Flexcharge' Torch

Shines 300 metres for around 7.5 hours on full charge.

Rechargeable in 3 different ways - mains, 12v and USB - this adaptable torch includes unbreakable LEDs and 3 strobe modes with easy fingertip control for flood to spot focussing. All of this is housed within a tough, impact-resistant aluminium body.

Coast HL45 400 Lumen Head Torch

Choice of beam strengths for high performance and energy-saving uses.

Compact, light and easily adjustable, this head torch is perfect for maintenance work or any situations that require the use of both hands while on deck. Comes with a choice of beam strength – a brilliant 400 lumen floodlight to 28m, or 130 lumens for a longer battery life. It also comes with a red LED to protect your night vision.

Nauticalia Coast G4 Keyring Torch

Weighs just 11g and can illuminate up to 74 feet away.

Perfect for attaching to a bunch of keys, this torch is small yet surprisingly powerful. Featuring a mini-flood LED beam that can illuminate up to 74 feet away, the G4 is also impact-resistant and weather-resistant while measuring only 2.45 inches in length.

Coast TX10 Pocket Torch

Comes with a 4 colour switch for nautical and sailing purposes.

This robust, heavy-duty torch is a must-have for serious sailors. It comes with a 36 metre beam distance as well as a 4 way switch allowing you to change between white, red, green and blue colours.

RAW XS Pocket Torch

Small yet tough red and white beam illumination.

Made from lightweight aerospace aluminium and waterproof to a depth of 5 metres, this tiny yet super strong torch comes with red and white beam outputs and is easily USB rechargeable.

Coast Ultra-Distance HP314 Torch

'Bombproof' with over 260 metres of brilliant illumination.

An extraordinarily powerful torch for all conditions and purposes on your boat. There's no need to worry about breaking this torch, it's unbelievably tough and comes with a 1060 lumen, blemish-free beam, that at full power will project light for nearly half a mile. It even comes with an economy setting that will still reach 260 metres while providing illumination for a staggering 92 hours.

Post By Ed Mason