From technical to active stretch, lightweight to board, a great pair of sailing shorts should be front and centre of any seafaring wardrobe. Probably the most comfortable, practical and important sailing garment you can buy, every man or woman accustomed to life on deck knows that a great pair of shorts will be one of the first things you grab when you're planning a day out on the water in the height of summer.

Won't any old shorts do if I'm out sailing?

The key feature of our sailing shorts is that they are built to co-exist alongside everything that the boating lifestyle throws at them. From seaspray repellency to hardwearing fabrics that adapt to constant movement on your boat, sailing shorts are more rugged than your generic highstreet alternatives and are instead, tailored to the waves.

But that's not all we offer here at Mylor Chandlery... Discover our hybrid 'skorts', giving you the perfect blend of style and functional sailing fashion. If you don't know where to start when buying a great pair of sailing shorts, we're here to guide you through some of the best pieces from Gill and Pelle Petterson, to make your next sailing trip the best yet.

Pelle Petterson 1200 Shorts

These 1200 shorts are a highly technical, 4-way stretch essential, designed to give you all-round benefits while you're sailing. When you slip the 1200s on, you'll enjoy fast-drying fabric, a breathable design and water repellency along with great wicking properties and premium comfort - just what you need for everything that the open water throws at you. Available Colours: Race Red, Dark Navy Blue, Aluminium and Lapis.

Gill Men's Mylor Board Shorts

A summer sailing staple, Gill Men's Mylor Board Shorts come with a relaxed style and a serious range of technical features. Great for casual sailing and leisure cruises, these board shorts from Gill also provide 50+ UV Protection, a lightweight, cool and comfortable polyester fabric, a quick drying and water repellent design and more.

Pelle Petterson Women's Active Skort

A stylish, comfortable and highly practical garment that fuses the benefits of a skirt and shorts design. With an eye on maritime style and an incredible range of features, this Skort from Pelle Petterson offers exceptional movement, consisting of a design that combines a skirt with shorts underneath. It also offers you everything else you'd expect from a pair of high end sailing shorts, including water repellency, quick drying properties and brilliant wicking, as well as a range of pockets.

Gill Deck Shorts

For warmer conditions and harsh surfaces with a cooling design... These sleek and lightweight Deck Shorts from Gill are built for summer temperatures while also giving you brilliant abrasion resistance and 50+ UV protection.

Pelle Petterson Women's 1200 Bermuda Shorts

Designed to look like classic Bermuda shorts with an unrivalled array of features that any sailor will love. These shorts are a must-have for the warmer months and are fast drying, full of convenient pockets and bolstered by highly durable, elastic re-inforcement panels.

Gill Cetara Short

Consisting of a 2-way stretch design with a versatile, classic style. The Cetara shorts are made with the function of a great pair of sailing shorts and a smart design that you can wear with anything else in your wardrobe, either on deck or dry land. They come with side entry hand pockets and 2 low profile zippered rear pockets, 50+ UV protection and a self-adjusting waist system.

Post By Ed Mason