Sailing is not only a skill, sport and passionate pastime, it's also a voyage into self-discovery, helping you to escape from the day-to-day stresses and strains of busy modern life.

But did you know that your favourite boat trip may in fact be conducive to good health?

If you've ever been out on the waves with the sun on your face and the wind on your back, that experience of intense relaxation and rejuvenation is actually activating many positive feelings and health benefits around the body.

To celebrate all that's good about sailing and sea living, Mylor Chandlery will explore the surprisingly positive effects that your favourite hobby is having on your health.

Improved Brain Function & Mental Health

You know that 'head-clearing' feeling you get from taking a trip out on your boat? There's science to back it up.

Sea air contains negative ions which literally clear the air of allergens and pollutants while counteracting the effects of positive ions which can also normalise the body's serotonin level, controlling your mood and enhancing your body's efficiency at absorbing oxygen. All of these benefits work together to improve your mood and even prevent depression.

Cardio Fitness Will Improve

Handling lines, adjusting sails and generally moving around your boat all require a level of physical stamina. It you're looking to improve your adjility, strength or general cardiovascular health, you could do a lot worse than head out for a sail.

Improved Immune System

Cold water exposure is a whole host of different benefits that you can tap into. From the moment you immerse yourself in the chilly seawater, adrenaline will be released, firing up and conditioning the immune system, helping to prevent illness in the future.

Over time, regular cold water exposure can lower your cholesterol levels and also increase testosterone and oestrogen levels in men and women, assisting in virility and vitality.

Aids The Healing Process

Seawater is high in salt and also contains potassium which stimulates healing and a magnesium content which all helps to sooth skin complains such as psoriasis and dermatitis whilst helping the skin stay hydrated and supple and the same time.

Psychological Benefits

Being out at sea is an act of escaping from the worries and stresses of life on dry land. That freeing feeling of being without phone signal or emails will wash away your worries, connecting you to the soothing sound of water and sparkling sunlight on the horizon.

There's also science to back this anti-stress theory up. According to University of Exeter research, the sound of the ocean can reduce stress and calm your mind: "Our brains are hardwired to react positively to water and that being near it can calm and connect us, increase innovation and insight, and even heal what's broken."

Post By Ed Mason