Here at Mylor Chandlery, we are passionate about getting out on the water and making the most of those sunny days! We carry a range of water sport equipment which can really infuse more fun and excitement into your boating experience. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a newcomer to the water, our range of water sports can offer excitement and a chance to try out something new.


Kayaking is the perfect water sport for those who love to explore the places where your sailboat may not be able to access, such as hidden coves, rivers, or coastline nooks. It is an accessible water sport that can be as relaxed or challenging as you make it. You can go for a simple calm paddle, or a more intense adventure. Solo kayaks are great for quick and nimble explorations, while two or three person kayaks offer a fun way to paddle and get about the water with friends. Kayaking also allows for excellent wildlife viewing, seeing young ducklings or birds up close, that would otherwise be impossible. It allows you to get up close and personal with those who call the water their home, without disturbing them with a loud motor or intimidating boat.

The Sevylor Colorado Kit - 2 Person - Meridian Package - Pump & 2 Paddles is perfect for any adventure! Is inflatable, which means it won’t take up too much space, and can be easily deflated to store it safely and easily. It features carry handles, adjustable back rests, as well as a drain plug to remove any excess water, making your journey as comfortable as possible when out on the water.


Our Spillway Inflatable Kids Slide will provide hours of fun for your little ones. Simply inflate and attach to your boat or pontoon in less than 5 minutes, then allow the fun to start on the 8 foot slide. There are raised chambers on either side, allowing the slider to stay in the centre. This slide features four inset moulded steps and two handles which make it easy for kids to climb onto. It is made from heavy duty UV treated 1,000 denier polyester reinforced PVC to ensure it will keep well for long.

Inflatable Double Rider

From leisurely cruises to high - speed thrills, the Sportsstuff Big Mable Inflatable Towable Double Rider is a great way to make memories on the water. Its large size and weight capacity make it suitable for rides of all ages and sizes, while its rugged construction ensures years of reliable performance. Whether you are being towed behind a speedboat, watercraft, or pontoon, the Big Mable promises hours of water sport fun and laughter for the whole family.

Equipped with a patented Speed Safety Valve, inflating and deflating the Big Mable is quick and effortless, allowing you to spend more time in the water, and less time waiting for the fun to begin. Its unique convex bottom shape and tapered front design provides unmatched stability and control, allowing you to carve through the water with precision and agility. Plus, its dual tow points give you the option to ride in a seated chariot - style position, offering endless possibilities for adrenaline - fuelled adventures.

Life Jackets

To pair with our range of fun water sport accessories, life jackets are an essential part of staying safe and comfortable during the day. Here at Mylor Chandlery, we carry a wide range of life jackets, made to suit everyone, from adults, children, and even your dogs, ensuring no one has to miss out on the fun! All are designed to ensure safety is a top priority, allowing you to enjoy the water, without any stress or worry about potential incidents.

We have a range of gear and accessories to help you make the most of your time on the water. From top - quality equipment, to safety essentials, we are here to help you enjoy a fun - filled day on the water with your friends and family. Get ready to dive into your next aquatic adventure. There is a water sport that is perfect for everyone, so stay and have fun this summer.

Post By Holly