If you're like us at Mylor, you can't spend enough time on you boat... However, what we don't enjoy is the big clean afterwards! So if you're dreading the next full-scale clean - thinking you'll spend hours slaving over your boat cleaning products - we've put together our top tips for caring for your boat and saving you a lot of time in the process.

The key to time-saving, efficient boat cleaning is having a timetable or routine that you stick to. If you take these four tips and tricks into account, you'll spend less time scrubbing and more time in the open water.

#1. Shield your windscreen from water spots:  One of the first things you tend to notice when your boat starts to get dirty is those annoying salty water marks that show up when sunlight hits the glass. Marine water repellents prevent residue build-up, offering UV protection and maintaining great visibility at all times.

#2. Scrub the deck: It's not part of the sailing experience we relish, but if you leave dirt and other spillages to build up, you're going to be spending a huge amount of time brushing, scouring and sponging away months and months of grime that has accumulated and may prove difficult to get rid of. First off, work out what deck you have; the most problematic will be non-stick decks that attract an excessive amount of dirt. Begin by rinsing the deck with water to help soften and lift the dirt, apply the cleaner and use a bristle brush with medium stiffness for best effect. Always consider a cleaner that's eco-friendly and biodegradable.

#3.  Care for your upholstery: Repairing and replacing damaged or worn out upholstery can be a complex and costly task if you don't take measures to preserve your vinyl covers and surfaces. Start off by wiping away dirt, stains and salt deposits with a damp cloth, followed by a protector such as Starbrite Vinyl Brite which will leave your vinyl with a bright 'like-new' appearance while moisturising and shielding surfaces from harsh sea conditions. Finally, if you're serious about extending the working life of your upholstery, consider a boat cover to keep your vinyl protected from harsh weather conditions and general exposure to damage and the elements.


#4. Wax your hull: The underside of your boat is exposed to grime, UV rays and a whole host of other foreign bodies that can impact the lifespan of your vessel. Start by hauling your boat out of the water and, using an environmentally friendly boat cleaner, begin applying a sponge or soft bristle brush to the hull while it's still damp before drying. Then use an eco-friendly fibreglass or gel coat wax like 3M Perfect - It Boat Wax as a finishing touch, offering combined protection and shine to any gelcoat, paint, fibreglass and metal surfaces on your boat.

Post By Ed Mason