A leading manufacturer and marketer of quality sailboat hardware and accessories, recognised for their excellence, Harken were founded in 1967 and are currently head-quartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Their massive range of boat blocks, furling systems and winches can be used aboard everything from the smallest dinghies, to the largest mega yachts and cruisers, so it's no surprise that their gear has dominated events such as the America's Cup and the Olympics. Because of their ability to offer innovative sailing solutions that can be used by a myriad of boat owners, Harken's network has spread dramatically over the years, and has offices in a respectable 48 countries, with group offices located in Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, UK and more!

Core Values

Harken are fully committed to the cause and the main reason for the brands success and exposure in major sailing competitions is because they're a sailing brand that listens, and collaborates. By working with sailors first hand to find out what they think about the items that they've just built. From taking their feedback on-board it gives them an angle that a lot of other brands miss, invaluable information that gives them ideas for redesigning and making potential breakthroughs happen. But what really makes them successful in what they do are their following core values:

  • Keep the well-being of your people first
  • Make the best products at a fair price
  • Service your customers beyond their expectations
  • Never lose the basic judgement you've been taught: your sense of right from wrong
Harken Products

Within Harken's extensive catalogue, they have a variety of different sailboat hardware and accessories including;  small boat blocks, big boat blocks, complementary hardware, travelers & genoa leads, mainsail handling systems, headsail handling systems, winches and hydraulics. Their vast array of products can be used by top level sailors, as well as your typical leisure sailors - but most importantly, each product has been designed to make your life easier and carry out the systems on-board your boat seamlessly.

Harken Boat Blocks

Harken are most well known for their massive selection of boat blocks, offering a variety of different features in small, midrange and big boat block sizes. Whilst each boat block differs slightly, most blocks are lightweight, strong, and a reliable choice for all competitive boat racers. The Harken 40mm block is low friction and is a suitable companion to their popular black magic line, made from densely packed glass fibres this gives the boat block a high bearing strength for safe and easy trimming - this particular boat block is a small boat block which is ideal for competitive racers.


Harken Winches

Harken classic winches are renown for being reliable, rugged and extremely efficient. Like all of their fittings, they cater for boats of all sizes and are available with hydraulic or electric drives to suit your requirements. The Harken Classic winches are a great range which are offered in an all-chromed bronze, polished bronze and in a stainless steel material. Not only do these winches enhance the overall look of your boat, they feature more bearings and wide diameter centre stems which decrease bearing loads for reduced friction.

Harken Complimentary Hardware

Harken's range of complimentary hardware includes a range of highly practical equipment including; spinnakers, backstay tensioners, springs & boots, soft attachments and shackles. The right type of hardware will make your boat work more efficient and effective. At Mylor Chandlery we have a whole host of complimentary items and we are more than happy to help with any queries you have about the products to help you find the best solution for your issue.


With years of industry experience and a whole host of products based on their excellence and knowledge, you can always count on the reliability and durability of Harken's products. You can find our full range of Harken products here. To keep up to date with all future blog posts, float on over to the Mylor Chandlery Facebook, Google + and Twitter!

Post By Nicole Sage